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Guns of Gettysburg - Civil War Trust Map

Civil War Trust Map
Civil War Trust MapCivil War Trust Map Legend
$12.00 each

Mercury Games, in collaboration with the Civil War Trust, is pleased to offer a special Civil War Trust Map to our customers for a limited time!

This high-quality paper map insert features the normal map on one side (for those who prefer a paper map), and the reverse displays a modern-day Gettysburg overlay which shows just how much land the Civil War Trust has been working to save and how much has been lost to development.   What's more, this side of the map contains all the necessary symbols and information to enjoy a game of Guns of Gettysburg!   

$1 from every purchase will go directly to the Civil War Trust ( to support their efforts saving battlefields both in Gettysburg and around the nation!   You'll be helping to save Gettysburg while recreating it!

NOTE:  If you are ordering the Guns of Gettysburg from our web store after November 5th, you do not need to include this map as a separate purchase since it is already included in the 2nd printing.  This special product listing is to allow owners of the first edition (or folks who would like a beautiful map to frame) the chance to obtain this special item before it is gone.