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Guns of Gettysburg - CRITICALLY-LOW STOCK!

Guns of Gettysburg front cover
Guns of Gettysburg front coverGuns of Gettysburg bottom coverGuns of Gettysburg Map
$150.00 each


Bowen Simmons
180 mins


Mercury Games, in cooperation with Simmons Games, is proud to announce the release of The Guns of Gettysburg in an 150th Anniversary Edition. Carrying on the lineage of the two previous games in the series, "Bonaparte at Marengo" and "Napoleon's Triumph", this new game invites players to step into the most decisive battle of the American Civil War.

Will the Union be able to hold their ground, or will General Ewell have the courage to push Confederate troops up Cemetery Hill to secure victory? The Guns of Gettysburg allows players to test their courage and skill against their historical counterparts.

This 2nd printing includes a free paper map from the Civil War Trust (!  It's printed on high-quality paper and features the regular map on one side, and present-day Gettysburg on the other side.  The present-day side is also completely playable and it shows the land being saved by the Civil War Trust as well as the lands being lost to development.  Truly a unique and special item to use during play or even frame for your wall.

Ordering from outside North America?  -  Contact your favourite retailer and ask them to stock "The Guns of Gettysburg" by Mercury Games.

Link to:  Low-Res Rules for The Guns of Gettysburg! (small file size for easy downloading)