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Quarantine (Low Stock!)

Quarantine Box Front
Quarantine Box FrontQuarantine Box BackQuarantine TilesQuarantine Lobby Tiles
$29.95 each

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Mark Klassen
60 mins

In Quarantine, players seek to build the biggest and most efficient hospital, while trying to keep ahead of the steady stream of incoming patients arriving at their doors. In this tense struggle for medical supremacy, players must infuse new life into their hospitals through the timely addition of special rooms and abilities. But beware the highly contagious patients! Infection can spread quickly, causing entire wards to be shut down under quarantine!

In game terms Quarantine is a tile-laying game with each player having an entrance and lobby. More than fifty other tiles are available, with two each of 14 different "special room" tiles.  Players acquire these tiles and others via a novel "Price-Drafting" mechanic. Players set a price for the tiles they want to draft, but other players get the chance to buy them first, so you'll need to price your services accurately in order to supply your hospital while not overpaying. With dozens of tiles available, no two hospitals will be set up the same way...


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