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Mercury Games Announces Rail Pass and Alban Viard's Clinic: Deluxe Edition

We're pleased to announce that we have just released Ref Tom Green's Rail Pass!  This gem of a game is unlike any other and you really have to try it out as soon as you can!

Rail Pass is a real-time cooperative train puzzle game. Players need to get cargo from city to city and through 3D terrain. But to do that you have to work together, physically loading and passing the trains from player-to-player being careful not to spill any. Route planning, efficiency, and time management have never been so fun!

Check out a short video of Rail Pass in action:


You can find more information on Rail Pass in our webstore or by visiting here:



We're also thrilled to announce that Mercury Games has licensed Alban Viard's Clinic: Deluxe and Clinic: The Extension for North America.  This game went huge on Kickstarter and we really wanted to help get it to North America for our fans. We are currently hosting a preorder for the game and it will include all the Kickstarter bonus items too!  For more details, please visit our webstore: