All in! 18Shares and 18Cash!

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Free Priority Marker Bundle with purchase

One of Everything! All 18Shares and 18Cash chips.

That’s 770 chips!

If you want the Priority Marker Set (4 pack) and/or the $67 Chip Set please add those separately in your cart.


18Cash set

18Shares “1830” set

18Shares “1846” set

18Shares “1856” set

18Shares “1867” set

18Shares “1870” set

18Shares “18CHES” set

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2 reviews for All in! 18Shares and 18Cash!

  1. Ray Swan (verified owner)

    This is an absolutely amazing buy.

    They beat all my expectations , which were pretty high, given the price.

    I have since the first BGG.CON used a great set of poker chips that say boardgamegeek that I bought at the CON after the poker tournament there. I have used those proudly since then. I must say however that these blow them away.

    I prefer board gaming over computer gaming because I like the personal interaction and tactile feel of handling board games. And I can tell you poker chips get used across a ton of different games, Incredibly versatile. They will see the table every session more then any other item or game in my collection. And having a premium product like this enhances the experience.

    Now as for the 18xx shares. They are beautiful. I cannot wait for my next 18xx session to sport this new, ultimate 18xx “bling”. The detail in them is amazing,

    Thanks for stepping up, taking a risk and producing this niche item. It was a risky play Mercury, but I am glad you took the risk.

    Your risk, my reward.

    People, if you are even thinking these would be nice, get them before you can’t, I suspect they will never be available once they are sold out.

  2. rkhater (verified owner)

    There’s nothing like the feel of poker chips for money. But even more so, larger chips as stock certificates. The art is outstanding, the sound & feel great, the edges are beautiful, and the faces beautiful as well as textured nicely.

    Playing 18xx games are an event and worthy of something that makes people do a double take, as 18Shares and 18 Cash sets do.

    Happy customer.

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